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Partnership Opportunities

ClearCyte Partnership Overview

The Company promotes the use of its technologies through Partnership agreements with leading laboratories or hospitals. Labs or hospitals with existing cytology services and established sales and marketing channels are well suited as partners as the technology is a seamless add on to existing products or services lines.

The Company provides a full service and technology approach to the medical device sales markets, which is very unique. Because our laboratory staff are physicians and laboratory professionals, we are able to offer technology solutions to our Partners that other medical device companies cannot. Our Company will help in the development and implementation of your lab SOP’s, your staff training and any clinical support your lab requires to deliver the ClearCyteTM technology to your clients.

Specifically, this turn-key solution includes:

  • Best-in-class instrumentation for DNA ploidy analysis (image cytometer);
  • FDA listed quantitative DNA staining kit;
  • FDA listed liquid-based cytology sample collection kit;
  • Clinically accredited SOPs (standard operating procedures);
  • Personnel training program;
  • Quick implementation: within 1 month turn-key solution implementation; and,
  • Access to our extensive experience in implementing early cancer detection programs, particularly in cervical, oral and lung cancer.

Technology Overview

Cancer is a disease characterized by abnormal DNA and gross DNA abnormality (aneuploidy). Quantitative cytology analysis via image cytometry (computer-controlled high-resolution microscopy) of cytology preparations specifically stained for DNA can detect and measure these DNA ploidy (large-scale DNA) changes and indicate whether a lesion is cancerous or pre-cancerous. Furthermore, studies have shown that patients with diploid cancers (cancers with normal DNA content)) in various tissues have longer cancer-free intervals, longer survival and better response to hormone therapy than those with aneuploid cancers.

Image cytometers make measurements of thousands of cell nuclei and sort them according to their DNA content, providing the cytopathologist with an objective measure of DNA abnormality. The high degree of automation provides highly repeatable and reproducible measurements. Plus the objective measurement of DNA content leads cytopathologists to make a more objective and reproducible assessments.

PMI Tech has developed a turn-key solution for clinical quantitative cytology analysis that can be easily and quickly implemented in a partner's laboratory.

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PMI Tech has a portfolio of patents for out-licensing, covering state of the art technologies for cancer localization applicable to autofluorescence endoscopy. These technologies may have application in:

  • cancer detection and diagnosis
  • in-vivo tumour therapy research and drug evaluation and assessment
  • ischemia detection and vascular surgery

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