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OralAdvance™ Donations for Oral Cancer Screening Community

Vancouver, BC, April 16, 09 – PMI Labs (Perceptronix Medical Inc. Laboratories) are donating complimentary OralAdvance™ tests for the early detection of oral cancer to 'Oral Cancer Awareness Day' campaigns to fight oral cancer in British Columbia and Alberta. These programs will be hosted by community dentists Dr. Ryan Kaltio in Richmond, BC on April 17th, Dr. C. Ross Crapo in Victoria, BC on April 24th and Dr. Michael Dolynchuk in Red Deer, Alberta on May 29th.

"PMI Labs are very proud to provide OralAdvance™ tests for these local, community-based programs that will help people in Canadian communities and raise awareness of oral cancer in support of April as National Oral Health Month. We hope that these initiatives will grow to become standard practice nation-wide as part of a systematic oral cancer screening program that can save lives through earlier detection," comments Dr. Bojana Turic, Perceptronix President and CEO.

The community-based programs will be providing interested residents in Richmond (BC), Victoria (BC), and Red Deer (AB) with complimentary oral cancer screenings using VELscope™, an oral tissue visualization device. Any areas that look like they may be pre-cancer will be sampled and assessed using OralAdvance™, an easy to use, highly informative test that will determine whether cells from the suspicious area have abnormal DNA content as a result of large-scale changes indicative of cancer or pre-cancer. If early cancer is indicated, treatment is straight-forward and patient outcomes are favourable with 5 year survival rates reaching 80-90%.

Appointments are required and reservations can be made by calling the numbers below:

Richmond, BC - April 17
Dr. Ryan Kaltio
Ste 500-6091 Gilbert Rd.
Richmond, B.C. V7C 5L9
Ph: 604-270-9988
Victoria, BC - April 24
Dr. C. Ross Crapo
Ste 206-4400 Chatterton Way
Victoria, B.C. V8X 5J2
Ph: 250-383-3368
Red Deer, AB - May 29
Dr. Michael Dolynchuk
Appleway Dental At Village
Village Mall
13-6320 Gaetz Ave,
Red Deer, AB T4N 4C6
Ph: 403-347-6306

About OralAdvance™
With recent advances in visualization techniques for the oral cavity, dentists are encountering more suspicious lesions. OralAdvance™, with its soft cyto-brush sample collection kit, provides dentists with an informative new option for assessing these lesions before the invasive step of diagnostic biopsy. It provides an objective measure of gross DNA abnormality that can give additional information about the pre-malignant or malignant nature of a lesion.

About Perceptronix Medical Inc.
Perceptronix Medical Inc. (Vancouver, Canada) is a cancer diagnostics laboratory specializing in provision of innovative tests for the early detection of cancer based on quantitative cytology, including tests for oral cancer ( and lung cancer ( The Company's technology was developed in partnership with the British Columbia Cancer Agency (Vancouver, Canada). Quantitative cytology provides physicians with a cytopathology assessment based on an objective, computer-based measurement of large-scale DNA abnormality that can indicate precancerous or cancerous changes.

For further information contact:

Alexei Doudkine, PhD
Director of Business Development
Perceptronix Medical Inc.
555 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, V5Z 1C6
Phone: 604-629-8785





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