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PMI Labs Lowers Price of Oral Cancer Early Detection Test, OralAdvance, by 35%

VANCOUVER, CANADA (October 22, 2010) – PMI Labs is excited to announce that the price of OralAdvance™, the Company’s innovative test designed to detect early stage oral cancer, is lowered by 35% as a result of the completion of the next generation quantitative cytology analysis platform, ClearCyte™.

The redesigned and reengineered ClearCyte™ platform allows for faster processing time, increased scalability and improved overall performance. The per-slide scanning time of the machine has been reduced by more than 65% delivering a yearly scanning capacity of over 40,000 samples per device. PMI Labs is thrilled to pass on the savings to our customers in our ongoing effort to raise awareness for oral cancer screening.

“With the increase of oral cancer cases among young adults, we hope that this initiative will provide more accessibility of OralAdvance™ to all Canadians; thus allowing health professionals to detect oral cancer in its early stages and provide care for a better chance of survival. Oral cancer screening should become a standard practice in dental offices nation-wide to save lives through early detection.  We believe that our products, along with our oral cancer awareness campaign,, will help achieve these goals.” comments Dr. Bojana Turic, PMI Labs - President and CEO.

OralAdvance™ is used by dentists to assess the cancerous potential of suspicious lesions in the oral cavity. Cells are collected from areas that look like they may be pre-cancer using OralAdvance™’s easy-to-use brush. These cells are then assessed at PMI Labs’ Vancouver laboratory to determine whether they have abnormal DNA content. If early oral cancer is indicated, treatment is straight-forward and patient outcomes are favourable. When oral cancer is detected early, the 5-year survival rate is 80-90% compared to only 50% when detected in its late stage.

About OralAdvance™
With recent advances in visualization techniques for the oral cavity, dentists are encountering more suspicious lesions. OralAdvance™, with its soft cyto-brush sample collection kit, provides dentists with an informative new option for assessing these lesions before the invasive step of diagnostic biopsy. It provides an objective measure of gross DNA abnormality that can give additional information about the pre-malignant or malignant nature of a lesion.

About PMI Labs
PMI Labs (Vancouver, Canada) is a cancer diagnostics laboratory specializing in provision of innovative tests for the early detection of cancer based on quantitative cytology, including tests for oral cancer ( and lung cancer. The Company’s technology was developed in partnership with the British Columbia Cancer Agency (Vancouver, Canada). Quantitative cytology provides physicians with a cytopathology assessment based on an objective, computer-based measurement of large-scale DNA abnormality that can indicate precancerous or cancerous changes.

There are 3x more oral cancer than cervical cancer in North America. In addition, 25% of oral cancer is not related to tobacco. We are trying to make oral cancer screening as routine as Pap testing. We are asking the community to ask their dentist for an oral cancer screening at their next visit. Early detection is the key. It may save your face and your life.

For further information, contact:

Bojana Turic
PMI Labs, CEO & President
555 West 8th Avenue
Vancouver, BC, V5Z 1C6
Phone:  604-629-8785           





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