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Helicobacter Pylori Detection in Gastric Mucosal Biopsies Using a Modified Giemsa Stain

An improved staining technique for Helicobacter pylori developed by Vennie Chou from Perceptronix Medical Inc. (PMI Labs) allows for a faster H. Pylori detection time. A pilot study was done with The University of British Columbia, Department of Pathology and the results illustrated that modified Giemsa stain (mGS) allows for a faster and cheaper alternative to other methodologies such as Alcian Yellow-Toluidne Blue stain (AYB) and immunohistochemical (IHC)

Please see below the poster as presented at Canadian Association of Pathologists (CAP) Annual Meeting in Montreal on July 12, 2010:


  • Allowed to be done on touch-prep smears: Touch prep can be done first prior to performing a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis.
  • Reduced pathologists screening time
  • Reduced laboratory technologist preparation time
  • Decreased cost per slide

    Please contact us for a detailed staining protocol at 1-888-629-8779 as described in the study.

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