Perceptronix - Early Diagnosis, Better Outcomes


Bladder cancer is the 6th most common cancer in Canada and the United States.  An estimated 3.5% of all cancer deaths in North America are due to bladder cancer alone. At the time of diagnosis more than 75% of cases are early-stage lesions ; however, between 10-40% of all superficial cancers still result in patient death, due to invasive disease progression into surrounding muscle and/or metastasis.

How ClearCyte approach improves bladder cancer detection and follow up.

Utilization of the device will improve urine cytology for bladder cancer detection and follow up in following:

  1. It will improve sensitivity and specificity of detection of bladder cancer by inclusion of objective quantitative approach in urine cytological analysis
  2. It will increase cost effectiveness of negative urine processing using automated sample scanning and semi-automated review, based on Perceptronix’ ClearCyte technology.
  3. It will reduce number of “atypical” urine cytology cells by inclusion of quantitative approach.
  4. As a result of improved sensitivity and reduced number of atypical cells , it will improve cancer surveillance and reduce the number of unnecessary cystoscopy procedures.