Perceptronix - Early Diagnosis, Better Outcomes



General practitioners, gynocolongists and general hopsitals


  • Sexually active women  (add on screening program )
  • HPV positive  (to identify those that need to go to fast track)

Current collection medium

  • Brush collection
  • Pap-smear and thin-prep

Current analysis

  • Conventional cytology
  • HPV PCR based tests or other HPV testing

Value Proposition

  • ClearCyte can increase sensitivity because the machine scans the entire sample deposition and analyzes every object (cell or debris) on the slide
  • Cervical cancer has high incidence in Philippines and throughout Pacific Asia region with  relatively low HPV incidence ,however not all positive HPV women will develop cervical cancer therefore other tools are necessary to increase sensitivity
  • All eligible for cervical cancer screening women are part of the market potential
  • Nuclear DNA content measurement can be used  for all cases or only subset
  • Specimens from all negative by conventional cytology cases could be scanned for quality assurance – to increase sensitivity
  • Potentially all positive cases could be scanned to triage which women should be sent for immediate follow up and which ones can wait (e.g., positive HPV and positive DNA index – immediate follow up, positive HPV and negative DNA can wait since HPV will most likely resolve)