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LungSign™ is a safe, painless and convenient collection kit which can be used for collection of sputum sample. Once LungSign™ kit is received at our laboratory  sputum sample will be processed and analyzed using our  automated quantitative cytology platform ClearCyte.  

As such, LungSign™ is useful compliment to current radiological diagnostic methods or as an add on to existing qualitative cytology analysis. .

The patients for whom LungSign— is expected to benefit include:

  • Patients suspicious for lung cancer (see indications below) or those being considered for CT screening
  • Post-CT patients seeking assessment of malignant potential of nodules of undetermined significance
  • Patients for whom radiation from CT or x-ray should be limited (e.g., women at risk for breast cancer, female smokers, or lung cancer survivors
  • Lung cancer survivors monitoring for recurrence
  • Patients in need of motivation-related smoking cessation tools

Indications to use LungSign™ is indicated in situations:

  • Where conventional sputum cytology is needed.
  • Significant smoking history (over 20 pack-years) or significant exposure to carcinogens
  • Symtomology or clinical suspicion for lung cancer

LungSign™ may benefit high-risk patients of both sexes in particular: smokers, former smokers, and individuals exposed to industrial and environmental carcinogens. 

LungSign™ has not been validated for patients who have received chemotherapy or radiotherapy. In addition, it has not been validated for patients who harbor cancers other than lung cancer. 

LungSign™ in Practice 

LungSign™ should be requested and interpreted under the care of a physician. The LungSign™ test consists of a sputum specimen collection kit (used by patients in the privicy of their homes), and, after the laboratory analysis is complete, a specimen testing report and interpretation guide, sent directly to the patient's physician. The turn-around for delivery of reports is typically two weeks.