Perceptronix - Early Diagnosis, Better Outcomes


OralAdvance™ aids in early detection of oral cancer. It is designed to detect gross nuclear DNA abnormality in oral epithelial cells in three important ways:

  • Collects oral mucosa from suspect areas using a convenient and virtually painless soft cyto-brush kit*.
  • Utilizes state of art liquid-based cytology preparation.
  • Harnesses the power of leading-edge DNA image cytometry analysis and cytopathologist review to provide dentists with consistent and accurate quantitative cytology assessment.
OralAdvance™ in Practice 

OralAdvance's role is intended to be complementary to current standards of care, and takes just three easy steps to complete.
  1. Use the soft cyto-brush kit to quickly and painlessly collect oral mucosa from suspicious areas.
  2. Send the sample to Perceptronix' Laboratory in Vancouver using the pre-paid packaging provided in the kit.
  3. Once Perceptronix receives the sample, the laboratory turn-around time for delivery of reports is approximately 2-3 working days. Results form OralAdvance™ tests will be mailed to dentist or oral care provider and will take the form of a quantitative cytology report (See sample) containing a histogram, examples of measured nuclei, and signed off by a qualified cytotechnologist or pathologist.

In the event that results suggest DNA abnormality, the dental care provider will plan further steps with the patient as needed. 

Based on clinical judgment, in the event that the report suggests that there is no DNA abnormality and pre-malignant potential is unlikely, continuing monitoring and looking for other causes is recommended. 

Check out the OralAdvance website ( for more information.